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The Gathering  - Kelley Armstrong Posted on my blog:What a wonderfully easy to read novel. I was coming off a bad reading slump from City of Ashes and Kelley Armstrong made it all go away :) Honestly there wasn't anything overly surprising, or mind blowing about this book but it was very much an enjoyable read and very quick paced.I absolutely loved Maya as a character, she was well developed, knew what she wanted and strong minded. I also loved her relationship with Daniel and I adored how much she loved animals. I am also interested to see how the relationship with her and Rafe plays out in future books.I was actually very surprised that she is a "skin-walker", I had only quickly read the synopsis of the book and kind of went into it blindly. I hadn't read The Darkest Powers series so I had no idea about any of this. Suddenly when it turns out Maya is destined to turn into a cougar, I was astonished!This was a very light read, very captivating and I really enjoy Kelley Armstrong's writing style. It was left off at a perfect part because you are almost for certain to pick up the second, just to see what happens!Very pleased.