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Last Sacrifice  - Richelle Mead Well Holy Smokes. What a freaking ENDING! And sorry in advance, I’m not sure how spoiler free this will be… it’s just too hard now because so much has happened. So if you are reading this to find out if the last book is worth it, IT IS… but I’d suggest stopping now with reading this review One of my favorite things about this series is that main characters, or somewhat important characters that were introduced previously are always brought back into the following books. This held true for the final book. Jill played a huge part, Sonya Kemp(the spirit teacher who turned Strigoi) also was featured quite a bit and all of the old favorites were featured pretty much the entire book. Also Sydney was in almost the entire book which I loved. I adored her sarcastic attitude and I really like how Richelle Mead is building you up for the Bloodlines series with introducing her so heavily in the past couple of books.I really enjoyed how a large focus was on how Rose started to get a little bit of the spirit insanity. This was such a large focus point the entire series I knew it was going to come into play somewhere but the way it does, WOAH! I was not expecting it.Obviously, and I’m sure this goes without saying, is that I’m so happy that Rose & Dimitri ended up together. This was absolutely, hands down, one of my favorite YA relationships… It just warmed my heart and I’m so happy it played out well