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The Girl in the Wall - Daphne Benedis-Grab I’m not going to do a mini summary of this one because the synopsis tells exactly what the story is.I was actually really surprised by The Girl in the Wall. First thing was that it was ridiculously easy to read, the story flowed together really well and before I knew it I was finished. I was also surprised by the fact it drew me in as much as it did.The story itself was very good-two ex best friends are held hostage along with the rest of their peers at a birthday party. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat to see how the story plays out. It’s also not a non-violent hostage situation: people do get shot so there is quite a bit of action.As much as I really liked the story I do have to point out some flaws. One is the character development. I really did not get emotionally attached to any character. I really liked two characters, Sera & Niko… but I wasn’t emotionally involved with them the way I get with a lot of books. That being said, it didn’t really take away from the story. I enjoyed being able to just read it and focus on the plot at hand – it is a suspense novel so I found myself more focused on who will die next.I also found the story was a little predictable as it went along. The whole hostage situation is very easy to figure out who started it all and the reason they want Ariel. However, again, it didn’t really take away from the story… it really just focuses on how Ariel is hiding in the walls, and her classmates are being held hostage. People are picked off as they try to find Ariel.The ending was also satisfying. It certainly wasn’t a happy ending by any means but it summed up the story well. I’m glad it wasn’t super mushy at the end, it would have taken away from the severity of hostage situation if suddenly everything was warm and fuzzy.All in all it was an enjoyable read, very fast paced, quite a bit of action and a little bit of “twist” at the end.