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Entanglement - Dan Rix Entanglement is a really interesting, somewhat scientific take on a dystopian world. Everyone has a “half” that is born at the same time as them, who they are introduced to on their eighteenth birthday. The two halves are attached by clairvoyance which is located at the base of their skull and it links the two souls together, syncing them together as a whole; also known as Quantum Entanglement. Aaron meets Amber shortly before his birthday. Amber has already been paired with Clive but Aaron feels an instant attraction to her. Then they learn that they are all born on the same day… could Amber be Aaron’s half?I was intrigued from the beginning when Dan Rix contacted me about his book. I love dystopian worlds, and I was eager to see that this was another one about love. I also was intrigued that Entanglement had a bit of a science aspect… I’m a science girl :)I really enjoyed the protagonist, Aaron. He was a truly raw and emotional character. Since he had scar tissue on his channel, he was uncertain that he would even be paired properly with his half. This kept a layer of mystery the entire book, just waiting to see what would happen on his eighteenth birthday. I loved his instant fascination with Amber, the other main character. I did like Amber but her fluctuations in behaviour and moodiness did grate on me a bit. I also hated Clive… absolutely despised him.Normally I’m not a big fan of insta love but as the entire point of the book was that you are essentially attached to another person I loved that Aaron immediately felt an attraction to Amber. It was really interesting though because you had no idea how the ending was going to be. Was Amber his half? Was someone else his half? Who was he paired with? I had a ton of questions as I read. There are a lot of twists and turns involving the pairing and it will keep you on the edge of your seat!Dan Rix’s writing is incredibly easy to read. I could not put the book down once I started, the concept seems like it something you have heard before but it’s so much more than that! I also found it interesting because this world is not unlike the current one we are in. It’s basically the same except you have a “half” from birth! I really enjoyed that part because often dystopian worlds have so many new details, new concepts that it’s hard to keep track!The ending was excellent. The climax had me spinning… I was actually anxious as I read, I had no idea what was going to happen! And it keeps you thinking even after you’ve finished ;)I absolutely recommend this to anyone who likes dystopian books with a bit of science flair added in! Great read!