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Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night - Wow. This was absolutely amazing.Through the Ever Night takes place essentially where Under the Never Sky ends. I’m not going to do a mini brief for this one either, simply because I want to keep this as spoiler free as possible.I really enjoyed Under the Never Sky. I thought the character development was good, the world building was decent and the plot was definitely interesting. Through the Ever Night surpassed by a long shot. One of the reasons I think I wasn’t head of heels for UTNS was due to the fact that it was one of a few sci-fi books I had picked up recently and I still wasn’t used to how “out there” some of the ideas were. By Ever Night I didn’t even care how unbelievable some of it was… it was just too good.I loved Aria the entire novel. Which was an extremely pleasant surprise as I loved AND hated her in UTNS. My love for Perry grew tenfold. I just absolutely adore him as a character. I love how a male character can show such raw emotions and that he isn’t completely tough all the time. I loved to see his growth as a person as well from him becoming Blood Lord. I actually loved the dual point of views for this sole reason: I don’t think we would have seen Perry’s character development if it wasn’t for the dual POV’s. I also said this last time and I’ll say it again. I freakin love Roar. To be honest… I kind of wish he was the MC sometime. I’m not sure why but he is the perfect combination of a male character: Charming, Sexy, Attitude, Tough… ahhh, he’s just perfect.I really liked how the world was explained a bit more as well. I liked hearing more about how the world was now this way and especially the better explanations of the Aether. The Aether totally confused me at first but now I think I’m catching on I think I loved this book to the fullest due to the simple fact that since we had already been exposed to all the characters, it was entirely plot driven this time. I absolutely loved how it just dove in from the jump. It certainly didn’t suffer from second book syndrome-I actually loved it more If you liked Under the Never Sky, you will absolutely LOVE Through the Ever Night. Now I just have to wait for the third book….