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Fall From Love

Fall from Love - Heather London I want to start off my saying that books that deal with death are not my thing. I avoid them at all costs… if I see it’s mentioned in the synopsis chances are I’m not likely to read it. That being said, reading the synopsis I knew there was going to be tons of heart wrenching and I’d probably cry but for some reason when I read the blurb, Fall from Love just grabbed me. I instantly wanted to read it, and I was absolutely pleasantly surprised.I wholeheartedly loved Holly, the main character. Everyone about her was so real to me. Her reactions, her emotions, just her. I really appreciated the fact that she knew she was wrong and that she always admitted to it. Someone I find that main characters make awful decisions and then have no idea or acceptance of why they ended up where they are. Holly was not like that; every time she took out her anger, her guilt, her sadness on someone she always felt guilty and I just really appreciated the honesty of her character. Not to mention that she was adorable. And Carter. Oh. My. God. Carter. Swoon. I didn’t instantly warm up to him but when I did… I loved him. He was so sweet, so kind and the fact that he wanted nothing but to keep Holly safe and protected just won me over. I also loved Holly’s best friend, Jenna. She was an amazing friend and loyal like no other.There was a bit of back and forth in Fall from Love, like there always is in New Adult romance but in Fall from Love it didn’t get to me. It didn’t have that, “Are we finished yet?” quality where you just want to shake the characters into their senses. Maybe it’s because it really made sense for this story because it’s about Holly having to let herself love and be loved back. Either way, I loved it and I can absolutely say I did not want this book to end.The ONE fault I had with Fall from Love is that the “together romance” between Carter and Holly didn’t take place until the very, very end of the book. I won’t spoil it but I just wanted MORE. I definitely didn’t want the ending to come so quickly.If you love new adult romance you will Fall from Love. It’s a fantastic debut and Heather London’s writing is absolutely captivating. I felt like I was in the story, and I knew these characters and that is exactly what made me love it so much.