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Blood Promise (Vampire Academy)

Blood Promise  - Richelle Mead Omg. This series has me on an emotional rollercoaster!In Blood Promise, Rose has set off on her journey to find Dimitri and kill him. She knows that he would rather be dead than live as a strigoi. Once in Dimitri’s homeland she now has to learn the rules of Dhamphir’s outside of the safety of the school… and she learns that she wasn’t taught everything about their world in school.I loveddddd Blood Promise. It was such a great continuation to this series. Richelle Mead’s writing & story blends so well from one book to another, it’s almost hard to tell them apart. She never leaves any gaps in the story, which I really like because I hate when series jump several months ahead with no explanation to what transitioned.I didn’t know it was possible but Rose keeps getting better and better, and Blood Promise she is at her best. Even though she is emotionally damaged from the loss of Dimitri and the fact that she had to leave Lissa and the rest of her friends, she is still just as strong-willed and feisty as the previous books. More so really because she has a job to do. We are also introduced to Sydney, an alchemist, whose job is to clean up the dead Strigoi left strewn around. Rose had no idea about alchemists as they are somewhat of a secret society, so it was interesting to see her reaction to this new part of her world. We also met Dimitri’s family. Oh Jeez… my heart broke when Rose met them. They were so warm and loving, and completely accepted Rose from the beginning. The part where Rose had to tell them that Dimitri was turned and they had a memorial service was so sad, I was on the verge of tears We are also introduced to Abe, who is basically a Moroi mobster – he plays quite an important “part” later on in the story(which I won’t spoil).Rose does encounter Dimitri… and then he captures her and takes Rose back to his compound. It’s soooo sad to see Dimitri as a Strigoi, and it’s even more sad to watch Rose experience it. She tried to resist his charms, but it’s so hard for her when she still loves him and he still looks like the same Dimitri. She eventually gives into him and becomes somewhat of a “blood whore”. That is even more of a depressing part because we all know how against that entire lifestyle Rose is.When Rose finally comes to her senses and breaks loose, I was on the edge of my seat. I obviously knew that she wasn’t going to die because there are two more books left in the series but I had no idea what was going to happen.When she thought she killed Dimitri, it was devastating. As much as I hated he was a strigoi, I held out a small amount of hope that maybe he wasn’t… or something, lol.And then you find out he is still alive !! Oooh.. *gushes*… I just cannot wait for the next book.There is also a new character back at the Academy – Avery. Avery is basically a fill in for Rose to Lissa and the two become quite close. But Lissa is on a self-destructive path and Rose is watching her from afar.The Academy part of the story was the only part that I wasn’t completely into, but it took nothing away from the book. I just was sooo into Rose’s story that when she went to “visit” Lissa I wanted it hurry up.All in all, this was a tremendously amazing continuation of the series. I absolutely loved it… and they keep getting better and better! I immediately started reading the next book as soon as I finished because the ending…. whooooo the ending. Richelle Mead did not disappoint.