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Raven (Delirium Series)

Raven (Delirium Series) - I love Raven. I was ecstatic to find out that the next novella was going to be Raven’s story. My love for her increased tenfold when I read Requiem. With that being said, this story… with its so few pages managed to break me, shrivel my heart up until it almost stopped.I’m not sure how Lauren Oliver manages to do this every time: turn me into a sobbing, bawling, ugly cry type of mess. She destroys my emotional stability.I also read this after Requiem which gave me a slightly different perspective than I would have had having read it BUT now I want to go back and re read Requiem for things I might have missed, oh the conundrum!Another point I want to make is that all of the Delirium stories manage to intertwine themselves perfectly. Raven ties into Alex’s short story which was totally unexpected.Just read this if you love the Delirium series. But it might shatter your soul.