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Dare You To

Dare You To - Katie McGarry Holy. Smokes… I was absolutely over the moon when I found out that there was going to be a second Pushing the Limits book. When I read Pushing the Limits I just barely enjoyed contemporary and it completely took me by surprise. I could not believe that a contemporary romance could make me feel all of the emotions that I did while reading it so I was thrilled to think that I would potentially experience it all over again. And I was completely right to be thrilled because Dare You To just surprised any and all of my expectations for it.Beth was hands down one of my favorite characters in Pushing the Limits; at times I thought I actually loved her more than Echo so when I learned that the second book in the series would be focused on her I was ELATED! I loved Beth. Loved, loved, LOVED her. She was the most perfect imperfect character. I loved how real she was, how raw her emotions were and her strong and undivided loyalty to those she was most close to. I also love Isaiah… oh my word, I adore that boy. And I had a huge issue with the fact it wasn’t him and Beth together, I wanted them together so bad. I was adamant that I would not like Ryan… nope, not happening. And then I fell in love with him too. Ryan Stone will sweep you off your feet ladies and gentlemen, completely and totally woo you. There relationship was just amazing. It was so flawed, realistic but beautiful. To watch their struggle together, and Beth’s struggle to allow someone in, broke my heart so many times and then stitched it right back up again.Beth’s story is heartbreaking. I knew it was going to rip me apart but it really hits you. Katie McGarry is amazing at making you personally connect and feel what these characters do. It’s remarkable. I never thought going into this (now) series that I would be totally addicted.I could go on and on for hours but it’s all going to come down to this: Read Dare You To. If you loved Pushing the Limits, you will love Dare You To. It’s different from Pushing the Limits but still just as amazing. I do not have a single negative thing to say about it: the characters, the story, the romance… it’s complete