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Hana (Delirium Series)

Hana - Lauren Oliver From my blog:Hana is the bridging story between Delirium & Pandemonium. It is told not from Lena’s point of view, but from her best friend, Hana. The story takes place in the summer before the girls get the cure.I was really looking forward to reading this short story. When I finished I was reading to throw my tablet clear across the room. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Hana was the one that told the authorities about Lena & Alex? *Pardon Me*… The little bitch.I actually hated Hana in this story, which is funny because before I read this I was excited that Hana and Lena’s path cross in Requiem now I don’t care if Lena ever sees her again. I felt so sad for Lena in this story. From Lena’s perspective in Delirium she was excited that Hana was with her and Alex but it seems that Hana didn’t care at all, she was jealous.I have a totally different perspective of Hana now. I didn’t love this story so that’s why I just gave it a three-middle of the grain type of read.