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Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare *May contain spoilers for Clockwork Angel*I came off such a book high with Clockwork Angel I immediately had to pick up the second book, Clockwork Prince. I am completely and utterly addicted to this series and all of the characters. Clockwork Prince starts off exactly where Angel leaves off. The Magister has the pyxis, Nate has betrayed his sister and the Shadowhunters are about to be in the middle of a war.Tessa Gray is such an amazing main character. I adored her in Clockwork Angel and I didn’t think it would be possible to love her anymore. She is slowly starting to find herself while living with the Shadowhunters and realizing that it’s not all about being proper when your amongst the Shadowhunters world. She wears her heart on her sleeve, although she does try not too and it’s clear by the way all of the other characters adore her. Sophie played such a large part in Prince as well and I was excited to see that. I really warmed up to her in the first book and I was glad to see she had such a role in Clockwork Prince. Will & Jem… well I continue to love them more and more. I could keep talking about the characters for days honestly because the character development and building is just so great. Cassandra Clare is a master at creating these believable and lovable(and hateable!) people and the secondary characters are as strong as the main.Clockwork Prince was a lot more fast paced then Angel in my opinion. In the first book, the characters were being developed and the story being told but in Prince we get so much more action. I love when the shadowhunters go to battle so I was happy to see it again! One thing I thoroughly enjoyed was that there wasn’t a massive gap between where the first and second book left off. In a lot of trilogies or series I find that there is a sometimes months between the stories and you are expected to fill the gaps with what happened. That’s not the case with The infernal Devices, which is great as we get to experience the full story.There was quite a few surprises in the second installment. I was shocked by several of the things that happened and that also helped in keeping the pace and plot running. I also appreciated that we learned more about Will and his family and also learned about quite a few shadowhunters and downworlders.Clockwork Prince definitely did not suffer from second book syndrome and it’s made me even more excited to read Clockwork Princess! 100% recommend this!