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The Queen's Army: A Tor.Com Original

The Queen's Army - Marissa Meyer I read The Queen's Army after I had already started Scarlet but I highly recommend picking this up before you read Scarlet. The Queen's Army takes place on Lunar and features a young boy who is about to get drafted to join the Queen's army. In order to do so the recruit must leave his family, forever, and dedicate his life to the queen.This short novella features Z, the boy who gets recruited and also features his younger brother a bit later in the story. I absolutely despised most of the characters that are encountered on Lunar while Z is in training. They are mostly all evil people and it really gives you a glimpse outside of the Lunars encountered in Cinder what the Queen's citizens are like.I would have liked a bit more of the story, it leaves off with you just wanting to find out more however it will answer quite a few questions that you may encounter in Scarlet. I'm not finished Scarlet yet but it's already given me a bit of insight into some of the events.I highly suggest reading this novella in addition to the Lunar Chronicles!