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Pushing the Limits  - Katie McGarry From my blog:*This was provided by Harlequin UK Limited via Netgalley in exchange for reviewWoah. First off I just experienced a complete whirlwind of emotions, amazing. I really put off reading this one as a lot of the times I don't tend to agree with the hype or end up extremely disappointed because of the hype surrounding a certain book. That did not happen with Pushing the Limits.The entire story revolves around two main characters Noah and Echo. Noah has been in the foster care system since his parents died several years ago and Echo is currently in therapy from a night that she can't remember but left her with brutal scars on her arms. Their paths cross when their mutual therapist decides that Noah could stand for some tutoring with Echo and so begins the story. You would think that this is straight forward love story, but it's anything but that. With Noah and Echo comes personal demons and battles.If I had to pick a favorite character I'm not even sure who I could pick. The character development is amazing, with each person's traits and personality coming alive. I really loved Echo, she was so raw and real. And Noah was just...sexy. God he was portrayed as so amazing :P I also loved Noah's two little brothers, Owen(Echo's Dad) and Beth. The relationship Noah had with his two little brothers was absolutely heart breaking-you could tell he loved those boys soooo much. Beth was such a bitch but deep down she really wasn't, it was due to her life experiences so to me she was so lovable despite her meanness!I can honestly say there wasn't a single thing I disliked about this book, I absolutely loved every part. I really enjoyed that Katie McGarry touched on real topics that can happen in teenage years and didn't sugar coat anything. A lot of contemporary books don't touch on such topics as smoking marijuana, teens having sex, and bad language but those are real parts of high school in today's world. It's realistic to portray you will hear the "f word" in a high school, that there will be one "player" in a school who just takes girls for sex and that people are going to "roll up the biggest j"(as said by Noah, lol). Not saying that it's like that everywhere or all teenagers are like that but it's very real and I found it refreshing that she openly portrayed this story, no holds barred.I wish I hadn't of waited so long to read this one, it is totally worth all the hype. Katie McGarry is an amazing writer and she will leave you wanting more. I already cannot wait for the second book! If you haven't read this one, I would highly suggest picking it up!