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Losing Francesca - J.A. Huss When I first read the synopsis for Losing Francesca I was instantly intrigued. Recently I have been loving mysteries and I thought this sounded really interesting and quite unlike anything I’ve read. I was shocked to discover not only was this a mystery but a sweet, romantic story about love, family and friends.I didn’t instantly like Francesca/Fiona. At first I thought she was arrogant and completely rude. Once she started to warm up to Brody though, I started to warm up to her. Her entire character held such a mysterious cloud around her I was dying to finish this book from chapter one, just to see who she really was. I really loved Fiona’s entire family as well. I thought Frank was sweet, although tough and brutal, Sean was so loving and Angela and the sisters were so accepting of Francesca.The love story between Francesca and Brody was so sweet and innocent. Since Francesca disappeared when she was 6, their relationship sort of started at the same level. Sweet and innocent. I thought it was lovely and it was so refreshing to read. As Huss states in her summary on Goodreads, this is not smut, and she is entirely right. The romance is sweet and perfect and imperfect all at once. I really enjoyed it.My favorite part though I would have to say would definitely be the mystery. I was DYING trying to figure out who Francesca really was. I realized when some major plot points were finally revealed that there were little hints along the way, but I’m glad I didn’t clue in. I kind of had a clue what was going to happen but not entirely and I really enjoyed the big “reveal” at the end.The ending was perfect. I loved how everything tied together and what the final outcome was. All in all if you like an intriguing story, with a sweet romance I definitely recommend Losing Francesca. It’s incredibly easy to read and a book that leaves you satisfied with the ending.