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The Fame Game - Lauren Conrad I wish you could give half stars because this would actually have gotten 2 1/2 stars not a full three. I leaned toward three stars instead of two because the ending was satisfying(though predictable) and now I will read the second book because of the ending. It took me soooo long to read this book(a week, and it's a pretty easy read). I just could not get into it. I was disappointed that it featured two of the same girls from the LA Candy series, which is my fault for not reading the synopsis, I just bought it because it was a Lauren Conrad book and I enjoyed her LA Candy trilogy. The ending was unexpected and once I actually sat down and devoted some time to this it was easy to read and finish. All in all it was ok, I liked it well enough and like I said because of the ending I will pick up the second book because I want to know how it plays out with Madison.