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Shadow Kiss - Richelle Mead First reviewed on my blog, Lose Time ReadingShadow Kiss takes place shortly after the death of Mason and Rose killing her first strigoi. Everything is starting to get back to “normal” at the Academy. Then Rose sees Mason’s ghost. Rose keeps it to herself that she is seeing Mason but it soon starts to interfere: the Dhamphirs are in Guardian training and Rose freezes during an “attack” and everyone starts questioning her. Victor Dashkov is also going on trial and Adrian helps to get Rose, Lissa, & Christian there to give their witness statements. Then… Strigoi attacks the Academy and everyone is at risk.Oh gosh, I loved this one. Not as much as Frostbite but pretty darn close. Rose keeps getting better and better as a character. She is so strong-willed plus her sarcasm and bitchy demeanor are hilarious. Dimitri is so freakin hot and … him and Rose get even closer