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Entangled (Spellbound #1) - Nikki Jefford Entangled starts off with Graylee, a young witch, and her twin sister Charlene on the roof of their school. Charlene says she is going to jump because her boyfriend just broke up with her for another girl. At this point it doesn’t directly say that the girls are witches, but when Charlene floats to the bottom it’s soon confirmed. Charlene is the popular one of the two and fairly superficial and overly dramatic. Graylee is quieter and has a closer knit group of friends. Enter Raj. Raj is a “dangerous” warlock that Gray is really creeped out by but secretly Raj has a crush on Graylee and plans to win her over. Then Gray mysteriously dies… and wakes up two months later in her sisters body. Every 24 hours of the twins is living in Charlene’s body. Raj suspects it right away and Gray shares her secret with him. The two of them together star to solve the mystery around her suspicious death.Entangled was such a surprise! I actually really enjoyed it, and finished it in a few hours. The plot was fairly predictable as you went along – because of certain clues placed along you could tell who was guilty and so on, but that didn’t take away from the story. It was light, refreshing and as a lot of potential as a series.Gray the main character is a really good main character. I’ve found lately that no MC is pleasing me, but with Gray I had no complaints. She was strong-willed, determined and except for a minor slip up in a certain character judging she was all around smart. Raj is also very interesting-he had a bit of mystery surrounding him as well and I really enjoyed how much he adored Gray. Charlene was a bitch, but she was supposed to be… and that was portrayed very well.I also loved the fact this wasn’t insta love. Obviously Gray & Raj have a romance… that’s pretty easy to guess, it would be strange if there wasn’t some sort of love aspect, but it was a normal progressing romance and it didn’t over shadow the story which is what I look for.One thing I will say is that at some points, the writing was a bit hard to follow due to point of views switching around. Once you got used to it though, there was no problems figuring out who was speaking.All in all it was a great read. Extremely easy to read and I loved the witch aspect. I am partial to witchcraft/witch books and I wasn’t left disappointed. I’m really looking forward to continuing this series!