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Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1) - Veronica Rossi Under the Never Sky takes place wayyyy in the future(from what I understand anyway, lol) where there is two places to live: In the pods, where everything is perfect and you can go anywhere you want to via Realms or in the The Death Shop, the “real” world outside where you have to deal with depleting food supplies, tribal wars and Aether storms. Aria is a dweller(someone who lives in the pods) and one night her and her friends cause quite a bit of trouble and ends up being cast out into The Death Shop. Once on the outside she encounters Perry, a born Outsider and the two realize they need each other more than they want to admit.Under the Never Sky was such a different read for me. As I said in the past(and it’s probably obvious from my reviews) I don’t read much Science Fiction. I have been dabbling though and I do read dystopian so I thought I’d give it a try. I really enjoyed it even though it was so much different from past books I’ve read.I had a love/hate relationship with Aria. At times I thought she was awesome… and other times I wanted to smack her for being so annoying and silly. I think you were supposed to feel that though depending on the situation, lol. Perry… I liked immediately. I loved his stubborn attitude and I liked how vulnerable he felt around Aria sometimes. My favorite character had to be Roar though, god I loved Roar. He seems so … sexy? lol. I loved how accepting he was of Aria immediately.There wasn’t much I didn’t like from this novel. I do prefer first person stories so that played a small part, however once I got used to it I didn’t much notice it was in third person. I also didn’t really like how the world wasn’t explained very much. I would have liked to know in more detail how they came to be living in “pods” and the “outside” and more about the Aether storms because those really confused me. Other than that, it was a very enjoyable read and very easy to read story.I am absolutely looking forward to Through the Ever Night and I can’t wait to see what Veronica Rossi is up to for the sequel