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Dark Seraphine (Seraphine Trilogy, #1) - KaSonndra Leigh Dark Seraphine is told from a male point of view, Caleb's, which I loved. Caleb has seen "walkers" his whole life. When he was a child he used to speak to them, but that stopped. Now he can again, and a new walker, Gia enters his life. Gia is dark, mysterious and is giving Caleb warnings about the dark things that are going to happen. Erica is Caleb's sort of girlfriend, who is gorgeous but Caleb is torn between Erica & Gia(who is now in the human form, going to his school). Soon dangerous things start to happen around Caleb and he has to figure out the clues before it's too late.It's not a secret that I love angel books so I was so excited to read this one. I thought this would be able fallen angels because that's the way I interpreted the synopsis. Not so... this is a whole different type of angel creatures. Water angels. I loved the new twist on angel creatures and I found it that more interesting to read as I wanted to learn more about them.I had a love/hate relationship with the main character, Caleb, though. At the beginning of the book I found him annoying and immature. I hated how Gia would give him a warning and he would run off and do the opposite. I felt like shaking him... obviously this is a supernatural being who has a little bit of inside knowledge-what are you thinking?! I eventually grew to like him by the end of the novel though and I absolutely loved that the point of view was his. It's not often you find male point of views(or the books I read anyway) so I really enjoyed the male perspective. I loved Gia from the start. I always like dark, mysterious, punky characters so I instantly took a liking to her. One thing that annoyed me though was the messages she was always giving Caleb but no information to give when he questioned her. You figure out later in the novel why it's such a mystery but at the beginning of the book I didn't understand so I wanted to scream at Gia. Erica I could not stand, the wounded bird type of personality was just not cutting it for me. I just wanted Caleb to drop her totally and go with Gia :)The plot was very good. It was so mysterious and every couple of chapters, some of the mystery was revealed. I really enjoyed that part about it because it kept the book flowing, you just had to find out what was happening next. I also loved the huge part characters you didn't expect came into play.There is so many different twists as you go along, Dark Seraphine is hard to put down. It's a very enjoyable and easy to read book. The only thing I can say negative about it is the character faults but, as I said above, the characters eventually grew on me. The ending is a massive cliffhanger and I was left stunned. The entire book I was trying to guess what was happening, and I did, but the ending threw me for a loop. I will definitly be reading the next book in the series because I need to find out how this ending comes into play!First reviewed on my blog, Lose Time Reading