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A Shade Of Vampire (A Shade Of Vampire, #1) - Bella Forrest I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting when I went into A Shade of Vampire but it certainly wasn’t what it ended up to be! It was unlike any other vampire story I had read, and I really enjoyed the interesting concepts from this story.I really liked Sofia for a character. Her determination and strong will showed through the pages, and I really enjoyed how she stuck to her opinions and thoughts without being swayed. I also took a liking to Derek. He was surprisingly kind which surprises him as much as the reader. Due to the fact these girls are part of a Harem I thought for sure he would be an arrogant, demanding vampire but that was not so. I would have enjoyed a bit more character development though. I really depend on character development to guide through a story and I would have liked to see both Sofia & Derek’s characters fleshed a bit more. I’m hoping we will see more growth in the second book because both characters are extremely likable and have a lot of possibility for expanding their personalities. That being said it didn’t take away from the story so much, as it is a shorter novel with less than 200 pages.I enjoyed the alternating points of view. I know a lot of people have qualms with that type of narration but I am growing to love it. I thought that it especially played a huge part in plot development due to the fact it was a shorter novel. It really opened up the story and allowed us to see both Derek’s & Sophia’s side and I wholly enjoyed that.I loved the world that was created for A Shade of Vampire. I thought it was extremely interesting that the ancient Novak family created a compound to keep their kind safe, complete with a witch. I loved the descriptions of the compound and the penthouses where the vampires lived sounded remarkable. I also enjoyed how modern life was still brought into the compound, despite it being completely secluded and I loved how the spells that were cast upon the island prevented it from ever getting light.All in all this was a wonderful story. I absolutely cannot wait until the second book is released because it ended on quite a cliffhanger. I’m interested to see what Sofia chooses and what Vivienne’s premonition turns out to be. I think that added another element to the story(that Vivienne also sees futures/premonitions) that leaves me excited for the second book.I definitely recommend reading this if you love Vampire stories. It has a refreshing new take on the vampire world and I’m sure you will not be disappointed!