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Recalled  - Cambria Hebert Dex and Piper are two strangers, but one night their paths cross when Dex saves Piper from being hit by a bus… but he dies. When Dex “wakes up” in a strange mans house he is offered a deal: he can become a death dealer(where he kills given targets) in exchange for riches and a lavish lifestyle or he can go on to Hell. Dex chooses the former… but the catch is his first target is Piper and he is given a different “body” to live in. He thinks this won’t be so hard, but time and time again he tries to kill this girl he has grown so attached too.I really liked both main characters. Dex was a great love interest and I adored him by the end of the book. He really grew emotionally and was quite an interesting character. Piper was easily likable. She was sweet, hardworking, and determined. One thing I wish there was more of though was a back story on the characters. It was only touched on slightly for both characters and I would have liked a bit more of an explanation how both Piper and Dex ended up where they were. I also loved Piper’s best friend, Frankie. She was hilarious and a perfect friend to Piper. I’m realizing as of late that secondary characters more often than not end up being my favorites and this held true for Recalled. The plot was really interesting. I found the deeper I got in, the more I couldn’t stop reading. I just had to find out what was going to happen and whether Dex was going to go through with it. I thought they were so sweet together and could not fathom him killing her. There was one thing that I felt unnecessary though, Piper’s visions. I didn’t see how this really played into the plot except for a few small parts but perhaps this is going to be carried on more into the second book.I enjoyed Recalled so much. The ending is awesome… it’s beautiful and heart wrenching and everything you need to make you think about the story after you’ve closed the book.I highly recommend this to anyone who loves paranormal romance. It’s a great read and you absolutely will not be able to put it down!