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Dark Places - Gillian Flynn I read Dark Places the last out of all three of Gillian Flynn’s books… and I guess it’s true what they say, save the best for last. I enjoyed all of her novels but Dark Places by far, blew my mind.Libby Day, much like all of Flynn’s female characters is crafted to be unlikable. She is hateful, depressed, cranky and snarky. I LOVED her. I’ve realized as of late, I absolutely adore unlikable characters.. those bitches that you just can’t STAND… the ones that would be your worst enemy in real life. Libby has all of the reason in the world to be hateful though… her entire family(with the exception of her older brother) was murdered, basically in front of her eyes. Her brother is currently in jail for the murders, her trust fund is dwindling and now an obsessed crime follower wants her to dig up her past that she has so carefully hidden away. Libby was the only character I felt any sense of attachment to though. As much as Ben was featured in the novel, and of course the focus is on trying to “free Ben!” as the Kill Club wants to, I just didn’t really care about him. I felt sorry for him quite a bit during flashbacks but at the same time I wanted to punch him sometimes for his idiotic decisions.Of course, OF COURSE, there were about a dozen plot twists that just leave you either starting at the page like, “what??” or wanting to throw the entire book out a window. Just when I thought I had it ALL figured out then something else would happen. Oh… and the descriptions of the book are disgusting. I have a stomach like a dog… I can basically swallow anything but at parts I just wanted to throw up. I honestly didn’t eat meat for the several days I read this… I just kept picturing Debbie’s doughy little leg hacked up. See… gross. And I’m not saying that in a negative way… the fact that Dark Places sickened me but I still had to keep reading that, that attests to Flynn’s writing. And to be honest there is nothing I can say negative about this book. Also I love the different points of view AND the different time periods. It really helped to string the entire story together piece by piece.The writing, of course, was phenomenal. The game changing plot twists kept me steadily reading and the Satan worshipping that took place in this book just carried it to another level. It was weird and strange and I loved every bit of it. If you loved any of Gillian Flynn’s book you will adore Dark Places. It’s the perfect mix of thriller, mystery and a little bit of lunacy.