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True - Erin McCarthy When I received True, I thought that I would like it for sure… I am in LOVE with new adult contemporary romance right now and don’t seem to be tiring of it; I had no idea that I would LOVE it and stay up until the wee hours to just read a bit more.I loved Rory. Absolutely adored her. She was such a real character for me and I’m struggling lately to find main characters that are actually realistic. Her fears, feelings, actions… they all just hit a soft spot with me and I really enjoyed her. I also adored Tyler. Holy smokes I adored this guy. I’ve said it too many times over that bad boys are my weak spot. Not only was Tyler a bad boy, but he had an incredible sweet and kind heart. The way he protected and cared for his brothers made we swoon over him. I had a love hate relationship with her two best friends though. I could absolutely not understand why they ever thought it would be ok to do some of the things they did to Rory(if you read this… you know which part I am referring to). Sure Rory is a virgin… but is that such an AWFUL thing?! I think these “friends” of hers are pretty misguided and immature.There were some serious topics in the plot, abuse, drug addiction, death and I thought that Erin McCarthy did a great job of portraying them realistically and emotionally. I felt so attached to Tyler’s brothers when I was finished that I wish the book hadn’t of ended. I just wanted more! Another area that I thought was written wonderfully was the relationship between Rory and her father. He was so concerned with his old daughter and his reactions felt real to me. Too much lately I feel that situations are just so out of the realm of possibility but True was not an example of that by any means.I highly, highly recommend True if you adore new adult contemporary romances. The characters are amazing, the story is great and it’s a book you just wont be able to put down. I was OVER THE MOON to find out that there will be a companion novel coming out later this year so I will have more of Rory & Tyler