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Saving Ben - Ashley Farley Wow. It is very hard for me to put into words what I experienced when I read Saving Ben. This novel is gutwrenching and that is the only true word I can use to discribe it.I truly felt most of the characters in Saving Ben. Katherine was wonderful. She was so, so loyal and a good person inside and out. Ben, although he also had his fault, just broke my heart and I really felt for him. Despite his poor decisions he honestly loved and cared about everyone that was close to him. Emma… well Emma was a bitch. I hated her, exactly like I was supposed to. OMG I wanted to scream because she made me so angry. My favorite character, was Abigail or Yabba. I absolutely adored her. Her soft-spoken, kind manner was so honest. The characterization for Saving Ben was remarkable. I didn’t feel like these were characters created, I felt like they were real, true people and we were listening to their story.As this is a mystery type novel, although you don’t find out the mystery until quite close to the end I don’t want to reveal a lot of details. The most important part about Saving Ben is the build up to the ending. I didn’t understand that when I was reading that, until the ending, so I became quite antsy waiting for something to happen. Don’t go into this waiting for the mystery, that’s my advice as because of this I had a few problems with pacing. I thought it was a bit slow at times.The writing is absolutely phenomenal. As it was for the characters, I felt like this was a story I was in, not reading. I was completed enveloped in the story and I truly felt for the characters.The ending is bittersweet, as well as several other parts during the novel. I blinked back tears several times and when I finished I had that familiar aching in my chest that I only have when I read books such as Code Name Verity.I wouldn’t pass up Saving Ben, it’s beautifully written and has wonderful characters.