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Starling - Lesley Livingston As seen on my blog:You have to wait no time for action in Starling! It starts off with Mason, her brother Rory, Toby(the fencing teacher), Cal and Heather finishing up fencing practice when a storm rips through Manhattan and they are stuck inside of the fencing gym. The storm is a little bit more than they expect: they can't get out & suddenly there are Draugrs attacking them. Then out of nowhere there is a naked boy named Fennrys who fends off the monsters.I knew this was going to be action packed but I had no idea it would dive right in! Starling focuses around Norse mythology which I actually hadn't read prior to this book so I was flicking back and forth between Google every so often.After the storm Mason and Fennrys start to become very close and there are more strange encounters along the way. This book was a match made in heaven for me, I prefer more action and story with just a little bit of romance. It fit the bill perfectly.I love Mason as a character. She's feisty but smart and she wasn't completely perfect. Mason has severe claustrophobia which hinders her along the way.There are plenty of twists and turns in this book and you won't be able to put it down! The ending is one of the biggest cliffhangers I have ever seen in a book. I was astonished(in a good way) and now I absolutely cannot wait for the second book!