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Pivot Point

Pivot Point - Addie has the ability to “search” her futures as long as she is given a decision she can see in the future to decide which outcome she would like and which is the better choice. When her parents decide to divorce, they leave the decision of who she will live with up to her. Her father is going to live with the “Norms” outside of the compound while her mother will remain inside the compound. When Addie searches her futures she sees two very different outcomes, both with extreme consequences…Oh. My. God. Seriously. That was one of the best books I have read so far this year, let alone one of the best debuts this year. Holy smokes… I’m still reeling from Pivot Point. I have so much to say, so I will try to articulate my feelings properly without rambling, lol.Let’s start with the characters. Addie was an amazing main character. At no point during the entire book did I even feel any dislike towards her. I actually didn’t question her character at all, she was incredibly constructed and I adored her personality. I loved that she questioned the life inside of the compound and often felt like they were cheating compared with the rest of the world. I also loved Addie’s best friend. I adored their one on one conversations, and reading their back and forth banter. I was really impartial to Duke the entire book, but I LOVED Trevor. Gosh, I loved Trevor.Speaking of Duke & Trevor, this was the strangest form of a love triangle I have ever seen. And not in a bad way. Normally a love triangle consists of the three characters having somewhat close interactions with each other but that was not so in Pivot Point. I loved how she had two entirely different love interests, each in a separate path but it still was a love triangle. I loved the twist on that, and it was really constructed well.The world building in Pivot Point was perfect. I loved this “alternate” world existing along side with the world as we know it today. I also loved the fact they referred to norms as people who only use 10% of their brains. The paranormal abilities were great. A lot of them seemed really unique to me, or at least not frequently used which was wonderful as it really provided a unique aspect for the story. There were so many great concepts that came out to play in this story… I especially loved the security aspects of everything: the palm readers to open doors and operate cars, and the holograms you turn on at night when you’re not home.One of the other parts that I really enjoyed was how every chapter started with a definition that they played off the “para” or “norm”. I thought that was a great opening for the chapter and I hope that translates through into the finished copy.The plot was amazing. I honestly cannot find a single fault in Pivot Point. I could not stop reading this once I got started, every chapter leaves you hanging as they alternate between her two paths. Once you finish one you are just physically drawn to the next one. I absolutely cannot wait for the next book in the series… the way it leaves off just leaves you dying.I absolutely recommend this to everyone. Honestly, I think this will appeal to almost everyone. It’s science fiction, but still centered around the current world so it’s not too intense, there is a wonderful romance and paranormal abilities. There is nothing more you could ask for. Love!