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Partials - As posted on my blog:Lately I've been interested in a lot of different types of books-ones I previously never would have cast a second glance at. Partials is one of those books. A year ago I never would have dreamed of reading a post-apocalyptic book about engineered organic beings! I'm glad that I've started to broaden my interests as Partials was a great read and shouldn't be missed!The first part of the book was extremely slow paced for me however. It explains quite a bit about why the world is in the disarray that it is, and of Kira and her family. You will learn a lot of the characters in the first section which is good because at least they are well developed. Kira is the main character and she was an incredibly strong minded, positive, female character. I felt there was something missing though, like there was more to her that wasn't being said. And I certainly found out why in the third part of the book but I won't reveal that as that will spoil everything!The second part of the book was much more fast paced and to be honest, I was reading this for a read a long and did an awful job with keeping to the schedule! I just wanted to keep reading-which I did! We are also introduced to Maxx in the second part, a partial. I know the story is designed to make you hate Partials but I immediately fell in love with him! I really liked how he had a soft spot for Kira and eventually started to give her answers.The third part of the book is extremely fast paced and you won't be able to put it down. I can't reveal anything about it because the entire third section would be spoiler after to spoiler!Dan Wells is a fantastic writer and he does an excellent job of weaving you into a story you won't be able to put down.I can't wait till the second book :)