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Fallen  - Lauren Kate Also posted on my blog:Ohhhh Fallen where do I start. I have a lot of thoughts on this book and lets hope I can get this out articulately without sounding like a rant. Also warning-there will be spoilers, although perhaps I may be the last person on earth who hasn't read this book :PTo start, I wanted to love this book, really love it. I honestly didn't know this was an angel book going into it and it actually took me a bit to realize. There were certain clues I suppose to give it away such as the setting but I didn't catch on for awhile. I finished this book last night, crying mind you. I rated it differently last night and I thought about it all day today and I actually do not like it as much as a originally thought. (I originally rated it 4 stars)The first part of the book was sooo draggy. It seemed like the first 200ish pages didn't really have a purpose. It was just going back and forth between Daniel and Cam and Luce. I honestly didn't dislike Cam and I think you were meant to and automatically go for Daniel. I thought Luce didn't have much confidence at all and she wasn't a strong character. At certain times I wanted to scream at her to just get a hold of herself. It irritated me so badly that she just wouldn't speak to Daniel and say what she was feeling, it seemed like she was always second guessing herself and that drove me nuts. Also her "boyfriend" that the shadows supposedly killed? HE WASN'T HER BOYFRIEND! They went on like two dates and she said it herself! Arrrgghhh, I hate insta love lol.It was also not necessary to have the entire first half of the book so mysterious. It seemed like the story only came together shortly after the library fire and that was a good way into the book. The "mystery" aspect of the story was literally just the same thing over and over, different settings with the same situations... her and Daniel, her and Cam.Now, moving onto the characters themselves. Obviously Luce was not my favorite. She was not what I like in a main character at all. Arianne I loved. She was hilarious, I love her quirkiness, sarcasm and the way she legitimately cared for Luce. I also loved Penn. I absolutely adored this girl, she loved Luce, and I loved her strange characteristics and how she always wanted to snoop just a little bit deeper. Cam and Daniel were so undeveloped in the first part of the book I felt like they weren't even characters at all. To me they displayed the same affections for Luce and I couldn't really tell how she felt differently about them. The other characters were just OK but clearly Lauren Kate knows how to develop a character because Arianne and Penn were awesome, so what happened to the rest? Argh.I will try to not be as harsh now that I have gotten that out of the way as I did end up liking the book. I liked how the story ended, and honestly it will keep me in the series. And let's be honest here even if I end up hating the next book I'm buying the whole series. Lauren Kate scored a big win on these covers because they are astonishing. I almost ended throwing the book. When they killed Penn off I wasn't so much sad as pissed. It wasn't even necessary, it was like Ms. Sophie needed to seem just a bit more evil, JEEZ.The ending just leaves you hanging... you want to know what's happening. All in all I liked it, but just liked it. I won't be rushing to read Torment but I will read it. I just hope Luce smartens the hell up.