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Origins: The Fire

Origins: The Fire - Debra Driza I’m not sure if this impacts my thoughts because I read this after Mila 2.0 but Origins: The Fire has me super excited for the second book.In Origins: The Fire, Mila wakes up to her house on fire. She gets outside, and then realizes that her parents are home so she rushes back in to try to wake them up and save their lives. That’s really all I’m going to say as this is a super short novella and any more will basically be the story line.This prequel was fast-paces, action packed and I think that if I had of read this before Mila 2.0 I would have had to rush directly right into the main novel. It really does a great job of setting up one of the main plot points for the first book as Mila has lost her memory from the fire that killed her father. Now… if you read Mila 2.0 you learn some things about Mila and her life, so to read this afterwards really intrigues me. Where is this story going to go?I think this was a great novella. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is due to the shortness. I wish it had a bit more… it really leaves you hanging where it ends off.I 100% recommend this for anyone that wants to read Mila 2.0! Great addition to this series.