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Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four

Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four - Nya Jade Phoebe has just started her first year at Green Lane Academy, where she will train to be a Shaper Spy at the Campus Below while taking regular classes at the Campus Above. The Shapers are under threat from the Vigo’s, a pack of long cast out evil shapers that are out to destroy and kill and the Campus Below is taking extra precautions. Phoebe is involved in a prophecy so she is at the highest risk. While dealing with all of this she is falling in love with Colton Chase, a hot celebrity actor… and is in a lot of danger.Holy smokes. I’m just going to start off with putting it out in the open, I loved this book. I absolutely adore paranormal books, they are probably my favorite genre but with that being said, I haven’t read a lot of novels about shapeshifters. I have read books where they make appearances but not a novel solely devoted to them. Due to that fact, I can’t say whether these concepts in Phoebe Pope are new, or they are common among Shapers but who cares, I LOVED this new world.Phoebe was an awesome character. I immediately liked her from the start. I loved her close bond with her father, her emotional struggle with his death, and I especially loved her determination. If she had a thought or idea, even if it was shot down, she held by it and followed her heart. Even if it got her into a bit of trouble. I also loved her new BFF Haley. Gosh, this girl was so freakin cute. And loyal. I thought she really added a lot to the story, and I’m sure she will play a part in the next book as well. I also adored Colton. I was really suspicious of him throughout the entire novel, and I was always second guessing him but despite all of that I still really liked him. I really loved how he adored Phoebe.The “world building” was probably my favorite part about this book, hands down. I loved the fact that Campus Below was hidden directly under Green Lane Academy so the school above had no idea what was taking place below. The entire concept just sounds absolutely amazing and fun. Everything was well thought out, from how to get into the school to how the students blended in. It was really interesting and I’m hoping the next book focuses on the Campus Below a bit more.The story itself was really amazing. It was a bit slow at times, but because of the interesting plot it was really easy to keep going because you’re dying to find out what is happening with the prophecy. The only negative thing I have to say is that I wish a lot of the Vigo stuff was explained in the start of the book. Some of the Vigo information was at the end, and the rest was spread out throughout the book so I felt a bit disconnected when Vigo’s were mentioned due to the fact I wasn’t entirely sure of what they are. You do come out of the book with a full understanding though, so it doesn’t affect the story itself, I just found it hard to connect with that side of things sometimes.Other than that, Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four was an amazing read. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series. I am dying to know what Phoebe’s shifts into and am really anxious to see what happens with her and Colton’s romance.100% recommend this one to anyone that likes paranormal reads!