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Fire with Fire (Burn for Burn)

Fire with Fire - Siobhan Vivian, Jenny Han Burn for Burn was pretty forgettable for me. I remembered the ending but I wasn’t wowed by the story at all, and in fact I found a lot of the revenge acts horrible and just didn’t agree with what the girls were doing. When I started Fire with Fire I could barely remember any of the characters so I had to reread my review for Burn for Burn. Ironically Mary, the one girl who wasn’t focused on largely in the first book was the only girl I remembered clearly. Despite all the drawbacks Burn for Burn had for me I still very much wanted to pick up Fire with Fire, due to the cliffhanger ending, and see where the story was going.One thing I had forgotten about entirely was the authors easy to read style. Normally with books I had reservations with I find it extremely hard to initially get into the story. That’s not the case at all with Siobhan Vivian & Jenny Han. These two ladies have such a fluent, easy to read writing style that I was immediately swept into the story again. Not to mention they leave each point of view chapter on a cliffhanger and switch to another character. Fantastic writing.While Kat, Lilia and Mary were still a major part of the story in Fire with Fire, I also found that the secondary characters played just as big of a role this time around. Perhaps it’s because Burn for Burn barely left an impression on me, or maybe it actually was the case, but there was a huge focus on secondary characters. And I loved it. I often find a favorite character outside of the main character(s) and it was very true for this story. I adored Alex. He was so incredibly sweet and I hope, HOPE he ends up in a good place in the last novel. Any time he was hurt I was cringing, I just adored him. I remember hating some of the revenge acts that were done to him last time, so I was glad to see it was different this time. I really enjoyed the voices of the three girls as well. Kat still remained my favorite out of the three as she is spunky and not scared to be herself but Lilia was enjoyable as well as Mary. The hardest part about reading Mary’s POV though is that it’s so incredibly sad sometimes. When she reflects back on what happened on the boat, gosh, it’s enough to make my heart twist.I think one of the main reasons I enjoyed Fire with Fire so much, is the initial element that I disliked the first time is not there. I hated the revenge portion in the first novel. The “revenges” were just so awful, things I couldn’t even imagine doing to anyone and I couldn’t understand why the girls would do such awful things to someone else. I guess for me, the act that was done to them didn’t match up to what the revenge given was. While there is definitely a revenge portion in Fire with Fire, it didn’t unsettle me like Burn for Burn did. Actually the main revenge is leading the story down a different road, and I’m really interested to see what happens.To say Fire with Fire was good would be an understatement, it thoroughly impressed me. It swept my expectations (which were low) completely under the rug, and I was absolutely thrilled with how much I enjoyed the story. The ending made me gasp, I couldn’t believe that the story was taken were it was and I cannot believe I have to wait an entire year to see what will happen. I am astonished that not only did this book impress me but it was one of my favorite reads of the summer. It’s thrilling, heart wrenching and wonderfully written.If you loved Burn for Burn, I’m certain you will enjoy Fire with Fire and if you didn’t love the first book I would suggest giving this one a chance anyway; I had reservations going in but they were quickly extinguished.